Bringing the Great Outdoors In – With Windowsill Gardening

Plants bring so much to our lives—from improving air quality by soaking up carbon dioxide to creating a warm and friendly environment—not to mention giving us a real purpose as we nurture and care for them throughout their development. But not all plants are created equal. Some are easier to manage than others, especially when it comes to seniors.


Which plants are senior-friendly — easy to care for and maintain? Windowsill gardening is perhaps the easiest way to explore your green thumb. It would help if you use glass jars or terra cotta pots—get creative and opt for different sizes and shapes. Be sure to use a base of gravel or small rocks for drainage. With your setup in place, which plants take the last work for the most benefit?


Plants that thrive in small spaces — Start with succulents. There are wide varieties that you can have fun with them. Just be sure to water sparingly, as they prefer drier soil to thrive. Good Housekeeping suggests waiting until the soil is bone dry to water; keep the leaves dry to keep mold at bay.


African violets are also an excellent choice. They add so much color and fragrance to your home and come in purple, white, and red varieties. They bloom all year round. They need bright, indirect sunlight and should be kept moist. According to Country Living, “If the stems of the leaves get long and leggy, it wants brighter light. If leaves lose color, the light is too intense.” They do best in containers that allow watering from the bottom. Some other colorful choices for your windowsill garden are geraniums, or forced bulbs such as hyacinths, and daffodils.


Herbs are also perfect for smaller spaces—plus, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, using fresh herbs for cooking, like rosemary, basil, oregano, chives, parsley, and thyme. Imagine the delicious rosemary, mint, or basil aroma each morning.


Do you prefer to garden outside? Consider vertical gardening. Another choice for seniors is vertical gardening—growing plants on poles and trellises. It’s yet another way to enjoy gardening without some of the walking involved in traditional gardening. Cucumbers, beans, squash, and tomatoes make good vertical garden plants.


The fact is, whether you garden inside your home or out, you’re sure to find gardening a relaxing and rewarding experience. It’s good for your home, your body, and your soul. For more information about other senior activities, contact Summit Pointe Senior Living.