Today, everything’s right at your fingertips, thanks to technology—whether via your cell phone, iPad or other handy electronic device. And that’s good news for seniors who want to improve their health and wellness through technology, and even have some fun.

But what if you’re not very tech-savvy? Consider the website Cyber-Seniors. It provides free technology support and training for older adults. You’ll be paired with a digital mentor to help you stay socially connected and engaged. Of course, another option is to ask your kids to show you how to communicate with them via the phone (like with FaceTime) or healthcare websites.

Cyber-Seniors even offers virtual fitness fun, as in exercise classes online. You can also access walking videos for seniors. A long-time fitness expert, Denise Austin provides a 10-minute walk to get you moving safely. The website GetSetUp also offers live classes for older adults by older adults.

Why not connect with other residents or younger folk through pen pal programs? Check out our blog “Why be a pen pal?” Also, ask your Activities Director about joint online game nights. One game that comes highly recommended for seniors is Nintendo Switch. “This adaptable gaming system has a large selection of games, ranging from adventure games to brainteasers and puzzles.” You can also play with multiple people and even online with others.

How about becoming more social—through social media, that is. You can share your stories, experiences and wisdom on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Not sure how to connect? Feel free to ask your kids, friends or Activities Director. These platforms are easy to use and fun to explore—and they’re a great way to share! They also create a sense of community and connect you with a broader audience outside your four walls.

While you may not be a “techy,” you’ll find the world of wellness through technology can work for you—at any age. Don’t hesitate to ask your kids, friends, and Activities Director for help!