Summit Pointe Senior Living is the only area senior community that offers a transition from Independent to Assisted Living without having to move rooms or buildings! All the amenities described below are provided to all tenants with no hidden fees.

Unlike other senior communities in the area, we offer a unique advantage – a seamless and comfortable transition. This means that you can continue to enjoy the familiarity of your surroundings and maintain the connections you have built within our community, while receiving the additional support and care you may require.

We understand that senior living should be about enjoying life to the fullest, without worrying about unexpected costs. From our beautifully landscaped grounds and common areas to our fitness center, dining options, and social activities, each is included in your monthly fee.

You can rest assured knowing that you have access to a wide range of amenities and services that enhance your quality of life, without any surprises or hidden charges. We prioritize your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

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We pride ourselves on providing you with a wide variety of choices.

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Our tenants enjoy the benefits of a multitude of activities and entertainment to choose from.

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Everyone will appreciate ample patio space, a walking path and the ability to bring your four legged friend.

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Numerous exercise opportunities are available through classes or independent exercise.

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Our tenants enjoy the benefits of maintenance free living with all utilities included.

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Our staff is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to put your mind at ease.

We’d love to have you visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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“We know this process is a journey for you and your family, so here are a few of the top questions and answers we receive to help you all along the way.”

Summit Pointe is the only Senior community to offer transitioning from independent living to assisted living without having to change rooms or buildings and has been extremely successful in caring for your loved ones for over a decade! Our tenants live a normal everyday life style in a supportive environment while enjoying their independence and knowing assistance is standing by when needed.
Summit Pointe is Marion’s hidden gem that is located just north of 29th St off of 35th street. Summit Pointe backs up against The Lutheran Church of the Resurrection and Butterfield Park so you know you will be able to enjoy the serine setting.
Assisted Living at Summit Pointe offers options for tenants who may need some support or services that can be personally tailored to their needs. Our tenants at Summit Pointe live in their own apartment with the option of scheduled services or we are just a few steps away in case of an urgent moment. Summit Pointe offers a wide variety of services like medication management and administration, assistance bathing, dressing, and escorts to name a few! You have the ability to start and stop services at any time.
We do offer 89 rooms that you can move into as independent or assisted, The only difference is if you decided to add services when you move in or add services after you move and see what help you know you need.
Summit Pointe does offer a very cozy 12 room Memory Care that’s designed for the needs of those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other forms of memory impairment. Our Memory Care tenants will continue to live rich, fulfilling, and dignified lives with daily interaction and activities designed around them.
Summit Pointe is a 100% private pay community. A great resource to find out more on the Elderly Waiver Program is Heritage Area Agency on Aging 1-800-332-5934 or www.heritageaaa.org.
If you have a long term care insurance policy and you meet the requirements of your policy, it may cover your assistance provided by Summit Pointe, please check with your insurance carrier to see if your policy applies to certified assisted living programs and what the requirements are. If you are a veteran or a window of a veteran who served in the war, you may be eligible for a monetary program called Aid and Attendance. We recommend you reach out to Linn County Veterans Affairs at 1-800-838-4692 or visit their website at www.va.ia.gov for more information.
Yes! We tailor the assistance needed to the individual so you have the choice of any apartment and one tenant can have services while the other does not. No matter what need arises, you do not need to move apartments just because you need assistance.

Any other questions? Please contact us.

“A very welcoming, caring staff who work hard to make sure we are healthy and happy. The community is just the right size to allow opportunity to interact with the other community members. We have already made many new friends. The many activities offer opportunity to continue things one likes or learn something new. We are pleased to call Summit Pointe our home now.”

Barb H. and Florene K., Current Tenants

“While driving home from work, I saw the Summit Pointe Hot Air Balloon! This is what warms my heart after a crazy, busy week and knowing mom is doing great there! Thank you.”

Connie D, RN, Daughter of a Tenant

“I took the first step of walking into Summit Pointe and meeting the friendly staff. The atmosphere made me feel very welcome. It is a new beginning of life.”

Lyle S., Current Tenant

On Pointe Senior Living

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“Summit Pointe is the only Marion senior community offering transition for independent living to assisted living without having to move rooms or buildings!”