Let’s get busy! If you’ve got time on your hands, here are some creative ways to spend it.


Pick up a pen! Journaling, keeping a diary or even writing poetry—or short stories—can keep your mind active and help promote healthy aging. Creativity and art have been found to help do just that, plus reduce stress.


Reading is another way to enjoy your time. Get a library card or a Kindle and read novels, love stories, science fiction, biographies—or simply magazine articles. A recent study found that reading may help strengthen the brain in many ways that may help prevent or delay the onset of dementia. While it’s good for your health, go ahead and read for the pure joy of it


Cooking appeals to your senses and is a wonderful social activity. Explore different recipes and styles of cooking and invite friends and family over to share it with you. Perfecting your recipes can be great for your mind and body—and tastebuds!Challenge.

Crossword puzzles are a “no-brainer” hobby. But today, there are exquisite jigsaw puzzles that are true works of art. They’re challenging, so they’ll keep you happily occupied for weeks—if not months—at a time and will be a masterpiece that can be framed and proudly displayed.Paint.

Draw, sketch or paint. Or perhaps try your hand in clay. In every case, fine arts are a wonderful way to get your “hands dirty” and explore your inner Picasso. Check out YouTube tutorials or take a class in the community. Don’t think you have much talent? No worries—simply enjoy the journey. It’s a great way to relax and spend time with friends.

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