You want to make the move to senior living. So, how can you make the most of it and enjoy it for years to come? Here are seven tips:

  • Choose wisely—when researching senior residences, take a tour twice or thrice if needed. Find a place that feels comfortable and feels like you. Can you imagine seeing yourself there for the next 30 or 40 years? Is it warm and inviting? Does it have amenities and activities that will get you active and help you mix and mingle with other residents? Do your homework and trust your instincts. If it feels right, it probably is!
  • Make your new home feel like home—once you’ve moved, get comfortable in it, with all the little things that can make it a cozy place. Be creative with art, trinkets, baskets, rugs, and furniture that speak to your style. Also, display photos of your kids and grandkids, and cover your bed with your favorite quilt. It’s your home—make it your own.
  • Get moving—take advantage of the low-impact fitness In Summit Pointe Senior Living Community, for instance, you can do chair yoga, a very gentle way to get all the benefits of yoga without stressing the joints. Or go bowling with other residents. Check out our calendar for activities. Want to take it slow? Walk along the paved path and marvel at the beautiful landscaping.
  • Participate in activities—senior living communities like Summit Pointe always plan fun things for residents to do. How about a happy hour with live music, wine, beer, spirits, iced tea or coffee? Or chef’s dinner experiences, not to mention local plays and community concerts? Check out these fun activities!
  • Attend get-togethers—get out there! Go for the food, the music or the people, but go! Parties are an excellent way to meet—and enjoy the company of—newfound friends. Summit Pointe has patio parties once a week featuring a special mocktail paired with a fun playlist. There’s even a karaoke jam session for all to sing along with!
  • Have the family over—have dinner at your place. Invite the family every Sunday or perhaps for brunch. This is your home and an excellent place for them to feel welcome. Any place where there’s family, it’s home, so have them over time and again.
  • Get involved—whether volunteering in the community or around town, volunteering is an excellent way to make friends with like-minded people, and you’ll do some good in the process. So many things are remarkable about your senior years—one thing is the wisdom you can bring to the community. So don’t be shy—get busy!

The perfect place to make the most out of senior living is Summit Pointe Senior Living Community—with all the activities, amenities, warm friends and cozy residences you could ask for.