It’s all too common—a senior comes to an assisted living community and sits at home feeling alone and isolated. But socializing is so essential for health and happiness that it should be encouraged. According to the American Public Health Association, “socialization improves mood, cognition, memory recall, and is associated with healthy behaviors, including exercise.” Senior living experts even say socializing can help keep dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay.

So, what can you do to help your loved one transition from solitude to socializing at Summit Pointe Senior Living Community—and stay active?

  • Review the activities calendar together—you’ll be surprised how much there is to do in a senior living community. For instance, at Summit Pointe Senior Living Community, you’ll find bingo, painting by number, beginning boxing to music, Sunday Cinema, and Jeopardy! And let’s not forget the church service every morning. Each time you visit, check out the calendar together.
  • Join in an activity or two—if your loved one is shy or hesitant, why not attend the activity together? If it’s “Residents Only,” just be there for them. They’ll get into the spirit of things quickly, attending many activities and perhaps making new friends.
  • Walk, walk, walk—being unfamiliar with new places and spaces can most certainly make someone withdraw. So, take a walk around the community together. Look around, highlight the landscaped gardens’ beauty, and enjoy the scenic walking path. It may take a few times and many walks together before they feel comfortable enough to make the rounds alone—but soon enough, they’ll enjoy getting out and about alone or with friends.
  • Tap into their hobbies—did Mom like to go for long drives? Does she enjoy gardening? Music? Each time you visit, check out the community calendar or newsletter. Summit Pointe Senior Living, for instance, has a Gardening Club and several concerts each month and takes residents on scenic drives. There’s plenty to do, which can keep Mom or Dad interested and active.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee—when you visit, encourage Mom to join others at a café or dining room table. She’ll participate in the conversation, feeling like she’s talking with old friends. After a while, nudge her to invite her newfound friends for coffee and cake at her apartment!
  • Volunteering— perhaps the local church needs help, or the library needs seniors to read to young ones. What better opportunity for your loved one to do good and feel good about themselves? Volunteering is also a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, so encourage it.

Senior living can be incredibly joyous. By encouraging your loved one to get out, get involved, and keep moving, you can help make it so—especially at Summit Pointe Senior Living.