Do your body — and your mind — a world of good. Get up, out, take a walk and enjoy nature. There’s so much to be said for walking — especially at Summit Pointe.

Get to know your community

Our paved walking trail is dotted with lush landscaping and flourishing trees, and wraps around the community. What a great way to take in the whole neighborhood, take in the fresh Iowa air, and perhaps meet some new friends along the way.

Walk away with health benefits

Whether a stroll or brisk walk, your body will thank you. Did you know that walking can go a long way in stopping bone loss? A study of post-menopausal women found that just 30 minutes of walking each day reduced their risk of hip fractures by 40 percent.  Walking also helps keep heart disease at bay, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. It also does wonders for your sleep — just a one-hour morning walk can help relieve insomnia.

Good for your mood and your mind

What it does for the mind is equally impressive. A study of 6,000 women ages 65 and older by the University of California, San Francisco found that “age-related memory decline was lower in those who walked more.” Women who walked 2.5 miles per day had less decline in memory than women who walked less than a half-mile per week.

There’s also good news on the dementia and Alzheimer’s disease front. One study found that men between the ages of 71 and 93 who walked more than a quarter of a mile per day had half the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease than those who walked less.

Without a doubt, walking is a good habit to start. So get your walking shoes on, go at your own pace, and embrace the blossoming flowers, emerald green lawn and trees along the path at Summit Pointe.