Travel is high on the list for many retirees, says Travel + Leisure. In fact, Baby Boomers (1946-1964) travel an average of 4-5 times per year, both to international and national destinations.

Seniors have more time for longer trips. Without the kids in tow, they can opt for the vacation of their dreams—exploring new places, or even just visiting friends and family. What types of vacations do seniors often choose?

Ocean and river cruises top their list. It’s an easy way to take a vacation without too much physical exertion.

Museums and art galleries offer a great opportunity to explore new places, cultures and civilizations. Most are Indoor and handicap accessible.

Beaches are not off-limits, even if you’re wheelchair bound. There are many with boardwalks and sidewalks on beaches, so you can enjoy the warm sun, comfortably.

National parks are often indoor and handicap accessible, allowing you to enjoy all that nature offers.

Botanical gardens promise a spectrum of color and natural beauty, and with indoor and handicap accessibility, you’re good to go.

A few tips for senior travel. Wear comfortable shoes—break them in before you travel. And if you think you’re going to have trouble walking, make arrangements for a wheelchair. If you’re traveling outside the U.S., be sure your medical insurance will cover expenses. Medicare doesn’t cover experiences incurred outside the country.

There are  some travel companies that cater to seniors, specializing in group travel. Check out All Senior Travel Tour Companies. Enjoy!