Art and aging: A positive connection

Pick up a brush, a knitting needle, a colored pencil and get creative. Research shows that art can have a positive effect on health and illness as we age. How exactly?

Creativity uses your imagination, it tests your motor skills, and increases your perception—and that is exceptionally stimulating to both mind and body. Plus it can bring you a real sense of competence and joy. Even if you’re not skilled at art, it’s a healthy activity at any age.

Here’s what else art can do for you. Art is very relaxing—simply throw your cares away while you focus on color, shape, form and materials. Art can also help reduce depression and anxiety, and it’s welcome relief from boredom.

Yet art isn’t just fun, it’s also essential for seniors. When you consider that 43% of seniors regularly experience loneliness, it can make a world of difference. Social interaction can help reduce the of dementia and physical conditions like high blood pressure, arthritis and cardiovascular activities. So get up and go to an art class and enjoy—watch yourself grow and make friends in the process.

Now that you know the value of art and aging, how can Summit Pointe bring out your inner Picasso? Our “Hook & Needle” club is for anyone who’s been knitting or crocheting for years or anyone who wants to learn. All supplies are provided or you can bring your own. Feeling artsy? A new art project is presented each week at the project table on the 3rd floor in the game room. Past projects have included paper quilts and painted rocks.

Save the date! Every Thursday, you’re invited to try our art class at 10:00am in the Fireside Lounge. All skills are welcome. Plus, we have weekly trips to the Museum of Art—a great way to get inspiration for your next art project. So let’s create together!